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Dzvova v Minister of Education, Sports and Culture & others: Supreme Court of Zimbabwe, 2007

This suit is brought by the parent of a Rastafarian minor. The child of the applicant had been discriminated against in school by the authorities for having dread locks which the school instructed the applicant to get rid of or transfer the child to another school. The applicant contends that the hairstyle of the child… View Article

December 29, 2015

Flora Jeke Vs The Republic: High Court of Malawi, 2008

This is a case of unlawful wounding by Flora Jeke. She was charged accordingly and she pleaded guilty to the charge. The court convicted and sentenced her to 18 months’ imprisonment (IHL). Dissatisfied with the sentence, she appealed by praying the court to reduce her sentence on grounds that she was a first-time offender and… View Article

November 9, 2018

Francis Mangani vs. The Republic: High Court of Malawi, 2007

This is a case of abduction of a 14 year old girl. The appellant 24 was charged and convicted of the offence of abduction. Even though he pleaded guilty to the charge, he nonetheless argued that, under the Constitution, it was lawful to marry a girl of 14 years. The Court however dismissed his arguments… View Article

November 7, 2018

Harrison Sibale Vs. The State: High Court of Malawi, 2010

The Appellant had unlawful carnal knowledge of Indaba, a 13 years old girl. As such, he was arrested, charged and tried for the offence of defilement. He pleaded not guilty, but after a full trial he was found guilty, convicted and sentenced to 8 years’ imprisonment. Being unsatisfied with the decision of the lower court,… View Article

November 6, 2018

Hilliard James Cathcart Kay Vs. Norah Nikkie Cathcart Kay & Anor: High Court of Malawi, 2016

This case is about a petition for divorce filed at the High Court on grounds of adultery. The main issue of determination is the custody of their two children. The Petitioner alleged that the respondent was having an affair with the co-respondent and as such it would be unreasonable for the court to grant custody… View Article

Iluke Mbai Ephraim (Appellant) and Mbai née Nanyongo Josephine Wose (Respondent): South West Court of Appeal, 20108

This is an appeal case against the decision of the Fako High Court by the Appellant aggrieved by the decision of the said court. The petitioner had filed for a dissolution of their marriage, which was so done and custody of the children was granted to the Respondent, with the petitioner to pay a monthly allowance… View Article

December 6, 2018

In the matter between ‘Mamosiuoa Hlehlisi and Francis Monyane: High Court of Lesotho, 1988

The applicant is applying to have custody of a child based on the best interest of the child. Both parties are the grandparents of the child whose parents have deceased. Upon deliberation, the applicant was granted custody. CIV/APN/287/85: IN THE HIGH COURT OF LESOTHO: In the matter between: ‘MAMOSIUOA HLEHLISI Applicant and FRANCIS MONYANE Respondent: JUDGMENT

December 29, 2015

In the matter between Craig Anthony Cowell and Nola Cowell: High Court of Botswana, 2004

On 1 March 2004, the respondent was granted a divorce decree and awarded the custody of the minor child. The applicant was granted rights of access and ordered to pay maintenance for the child. The applicant sought a Rule Nisi because the Respondent intends to leave Botswana to settle in the United Kingdom, thereby frustrating… View Article

In the matter between EH versus D (previously H): High Court of Namibia, 2012

The parties in this case were married and have three children – two girls and a boy. While the children were minors, the girls stayed with the respondent while custody of the boy remained with the applicant. The boy and one girl have since matured and live separate from their parents. The second daughter is now… View Article

In the matter between Erastus Tjiundikua Kahuure et al. and Minister of Regional and Local Government and Housing and Rural Development et al: Supreme Court of Namibia, 2013

“This appeal arises from protracted legal proceedings essentially concerning a deeply regrettable and polarising dispute over the succession to the chieftaincy of the Ovambanderu Traditional Community. It is a matter that has a profoundly divisive effect on the community, resulting in the emergence of two opposing factions, each backing its preferred contender to the chieftaincy.”… View Article

In the matter between George Andreck and Central District Council: High Court of Botswana, 2006

The Applicant is an adult male with de facto custody of three minors born out of wedlock – the mother is deceased. The issue in contention is whether the applicant is eligible to bring a claim on behalf of the minors. The respondent, considering that the applicant was not candid, removed the children from their… View Article

In the matter between Gerson Naweseb and the State: High Court of Namibia, 2014

The appellant was convicted for rape and was sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment. The appellant‘s appeal was initially against both the conviction and the sentence however, the appellant filed an amended Notice of Appeal in which he abandoned the appeal against sentence. So what was serving before the Court was his appeal against the conviction…. View Article

October 4, 2016

In the matter between Isolde Venter and Ingo Ernst Venter: Namibia High Court, 2012

The Applicant seeks interim custody of the two minor children born of her marriage, interim maintenance in the amount of N$5 000-00, per month, per child, and payment of the amount of N$12 670-00 in respect of a debt incurred by her, relating to the school fees of the minor child A. It is noted… View Article

December 29, 2015

In the matter between Johannes Paulus Bocky and The State: Namibia High Court, 2013

The appellant was arranged in the regional court on counts of house breaking, rape and robbery. Upon conviction, the appellant claims that the judge had erred in his acceptance of evidence, judgment and sentencing. The appellant therefore seeks for condonation which is granted with some sentences set aside and others to be served concurrently. “The… View Article

In the matter between Joy Sasman and Abius Akwaake versus the Chairperson of the Internal Disciplinary Panel of the Windhoek International School et al: High Court of Namibia, 2013

Urgent application for the review and setting aside, with immediate effect, of a ruling of the internal disciplinary panel of the Windhoek International School refusing the applicants’ minor child’s legal representation at a disciplinary hearing. The applicant contends that the nature of the case required the minor to have legal representation in order for there… View Article

In the matter between Letsile Macheme and Dumisani Ndlovu: Court of Appeal of Botswana, 2009

This case is between the parents of a child on custody which was originally granted to the mother (appellant). The appellant is against the judge granting certain access periods of the child to the respondent. The appellant contends that “The father of a child born out of wedlock has no relationship to the child and… View Article

In the matter between Maria Magdalena Loubser (born “Du Plessis”) and Johannes Jacobus Loubser: Namibia High Court , 2013

The applicant in this matter brought an application seeking interim order for maintenance, custody and control, use of vehicle and contribution towards legal costs. The court pointed out that in order for the applicant to succeed, the applicant must satisfy the court that there are prospects of success on the proceedings for the restitution of… View Article

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