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Lilian Chidinma Ihekwoaba versus Chief Immigration Officer et al: High Court of Zimbabwe, 2011

The applicant is a Nigerian woman who has been arrested and is to be detained until deportation for illegally residing in Zimbabwe. She however has two minor children, a four year old at home and a two year old who was recently admitted at the hospital. She lodged this application so that she be released to enable her… View Article

December 29, 2015

M. J. K., Applicant v. Republic: Kenya High Court, 2013

The Appellant above mentioned was Convicted and Sentenced to twenty years imprisonment for the offence of Incest contrary to section 201(1) of the Sexual offences Act No. 3 of 2006, for having sexual relations with his granddaughter aged 15 years. The Applicant was however put at liberty based on the lack of proper evidence as proper… View Article

Mashupa Lesala vs Hlapase Lineo Morojele: Lesotho High Court, 2011

The applicant is seeking access to his illegitimate son at certain times and intervals from his former partner and also to be granted the right to contribute to the child’s upkeep. When the mother of the boy started a new relationship, she denied him access to the boy. The court dismissed the application on the basis… View Article

Midwa v. Midwa: Court of Appeal of Kenya, 2000

An application seeking an order for a stay of execution of the order of the superior court, by which order the Applicant (the respondent in the petition) was expelled from the matrimonial home and consigned to the servant’s quarters or outhouse pending the determination of a petition for divorce. The petitioner (husband) averred that the… View Article

Mitu-Bell Welfare Society v Attorney General and two others: Kenya High Court, 2013

This petition comes as a result of the Applicants being evicted and having their houses demolished from the settlement they had been occupying. The petitioners apply leave for the court to determine that their forceful eviction and demolition of their homes without provisions for relocation or compensation is illegal. The Court took in particular account… View Article

Mothusi Setilo, Applicant V. Nozipho Tenela: Botswana High Court, 2010

The parties in this case have an eight month child, over whom the father (applicant) wants custody. Both parents being unable to show proper reason as to why they should be granted custody, the judge upheld the order by the lower court leaving custody with the mother due to the tender age of the child…. View Article

Musa Sarr (Appellant) and The State (Respondent): Supreme Court of The Gambia, 2014

This case opened in June 2014. The appellant Musa Sarr was convicted to life imprisonment in August 2009 after pleading guilty to a rape offence. His first appeal filed before the Court of Appeal in December 2012 was rejected and the first judgement affirmed. In June 2014, his second appeal was granted and his jail… View Article

October 24, 2017

MW v KC: High Court of Kenya, 2005

The applicant, who gave birth to a child in 2002, stated that the father is KC. KC denied paternity. MW sought an order to compel the Respondent to attend a DNA test to determine the paternity of a child. The petition was based on Sections 6 and 22 of the Children Act 2001 which, inter… View Article

December 29, 2015

Nfamara Saidykhan (Appellant) v The State: Appeal Court of The Gambia, 2012

This case is an appeal to the judgement passed at the High Court in March 2010. The appellant N’famara Saidykhan was charged and convicted of the offence of rape. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. However, his appeal was dismissed. IN THE GAMBIA COURT OF APPEAL: CRIM APPEAL NO: 7/2010; BETWEEN NFAMARA SAIDYKHAN (APPELLANT) AND… View Article

October 24, 2017

Nfamara Saidykhan (Appellant) v The State: Supreme Court of The Gambia, 2015

This case is an appeal to the judgement passed at the High Court in March 2010, which had been confirmed by the Appeal Court in 2012. The appellant N’famara Saidykhan was charged and convicted of the offence of rape. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. However, his appeal was dismissed.  IN THE SUPREME COURT OF… View Article

NHN & Little Angels Network: Kenya High Court, 2014

The applicants are a married couple of Norwegian citizenship who seek international adoption of a boy aged about 3 1/2 years. The child had been abandoned by his mother and placed in the New Life Home Trust. “The major controversy in this case is firstly whether this child was actually free for adoption and secondly whether… View Article

December 29, 2015

Omar Kitan (Appellant) v The State: Appeal Court of The Gambia, 2013

This case is an appeal to a ruling delivered in November 2010. By this ruling, the appellant Omar Kitan was convicted on the charge of rape and sentenced to life imprisonment. The appeal was however judged unmeritorious and dismissed accordingly. IN THE GAMBIA COURT OF APPEAL: CRIM. APPEAL NO: 45/2010; BETWEEN OMAR KITAN            (APPELLANT) AND… View Article

October 24, 2017

Organization for National Empowerment v. the Principal Registrar of Births and Deaths and the Hon. Attorney General: Kenya High Court, 2013

Applicant in this case contest the fact that according to Kenyan law, children that are adopted are only entitled to adoption certificates and not to birth certificates. The applicant avers that this amounts to a violation of the child’s right to protection from discrimination etc. The Court held that all children are entitled to identification… View Article

December 29, 2015

Ousman Darry (Complainant) and The State (Respondent): High court of The Gambia, 2010

This case of alleged rape of a girl opened in April 2010. The applicant Ousman Darry requested to be granted bail, pending any charges that may be brought against him. His request was denied. IN THE HIGH COURT OF THE GAMBIA: CRIMINAL CASE No: HC/226/10/CR/085/AO; BETWEEN OUSMAN DARRY (COMPLAINANT) AND THE STATE (RESPONDENT) Gambia-Case-High_Court-Banjul-Ousman_Darry-No_HC_226_10_CR_085_AO-2010-en.pdf  

October 24, 2017

Phoebejean Masina versus Samuel Chikowore and the Registrar General: High Court of Zimbabwe, 2002

The applicant is the grandmother of a minor child and her de facto custodian, the respondent is the father of the child. The applicant claims that the defendant had not shown interest in the child since her mother had passed and that he had refused to pay for maintenance until forced to do so by the… View Article

December 29, 2015

R. W. T. versus S.N.S. School: High Court of Kenya, 2012

The minor grandchild of the applicant had been unconditionally suspended for breaking school rules. The applicant moved for interim relief stating that the suspension is unlawful and against the Constitution, the Children’s Act and relevant international law. “I take the view that the best interests of the child must be such that the child and his… View Article

Republic versus MK: Kenya High Court, 2004

The accused is a 17 year old who has been charged for murder and reprimanded in prison. The claim brought is against the imprisonment of the minor. The respondent avers that the accused being a minor must not be put into a prison while the applicant contends that based on the nature of the crime… View Article

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