Acha Claudette Akum (Applicant) Akwano v Franklin Teneng Awa (Respondent): Mezam High Court, 2013

Date December 10, 20183:34 pm
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This is an interlocutory application by way of a motion on notice. The applicant prays the Court for an order of custody of the child born on 25/05/2009, as well as for the respondent to hand over the birth certificate of the said child. The applicant equally requests the Court to order the respondent to contribute 50.000 FCFA monthly for the child’s upkeep and education. The parties got married traditionally in 2005, but did not legalize their marriage. The child is said to have been born out of wedlock, and the respondent had not recognize the child. The respondent has withheld the child’s birth certificate, as a result of which the child has difficulty enjoying certain social services, such as school admission. The respondent is said to commit to taking care of the child, only on condition that the child goes and stays with his brother in another town, though the child has been living with the mother (applicant) from birth. Considering the best interest of the child, the Court ruled in favour of the applicant and granted all her prayers. The respondent was also granted permission to visit the child.

In The High Court of Mezam Division; Holden at Bamenda.  Suit No. HCMB/358M/13: Between Acha Claudette Akum (Applicant) Akwano v Franklin Teneng Awa (Respondent)