Amougnou Saye v. The State: Supreme Court of Mali, 2014

Date October 27, 201710:52 am
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Mr Mahamadou Sidibé acting on behalf of Mr Amougnou Saye appealed against judgment No. 11 issued on the same day by the Assizes Court of Mopti in a case of abduction of persons, child trafficking and rape, of which Anne Dougnon was the victim. However, the certificate of the Registrar attested that the plaintiff had neither deposited nor filed a supplementary brief, pursuant to Article 513 of the Penal Procedure Code; thus, the Supreme Court dismissed the action of the plaintiff.

Supreme Court of Mali – Judicial Section, Criminal Chamber; Appeal No 11 of 29/07/2008 ; Judgment No 04 of 31 May 2010; Upon the Appeal of: Maitre Mahamadou  SIDIBE,  Legal Counsel representing his client client Amougnou SAYE, Applicant, on the one hand; Against: Judgment No 11 handed down on the same day by the Assizes Court of Mopti, Defendant, on the other hand.