Andrew Katimba Vs Gertrude Katimba: High Court of Malawi, 2008

Date November 8, 20181:40 pm
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This case is about child custody. By way of Originating Summons, the plaintiff inter alia sought for legal custody of his son Kennedy Andrew Katimba, an injunction on the defendant to deliver the said child to the plaintiff, an injunction restraining the defendant from using the surname and holding herself out as wife of the plaintiff. The Court held that in the best interest of the child, custody be given to the mother with the father having limited access, and also that the child could spend weekends and public holidays with the plaintiff. The plaintiff was to bear all costs of sustenance, education, and medicare.

In The High Court of Malawi: Principal Registry, Matrimonial Cause No.6/2008: Between: Andrew Katimba Vs Gertrude Katimba