Andrew Siliya vs. Thokozani Siliya: High Court of Malawi, 2018

Date November 8, 201810:53 am

This is an appeal case to set aside the judgment of the Lower Court delivered on 16th May 2017, whereby it ordered the appellant to: pay maintenance fee for the children in the sum of MK70,000, as well as to construct a house within the space of 36 months for the respondent, pay the respondent, MK50.000 and buy a land for the children within 7 years. Aggrieved by the said decision, the appellant contends that the sums are excessive and prays for a setting aside of the judgment. The Court held that 70,000 was excessive regarding the income state of the appellant. Accordingly, this particular order was set aside, but the Court directed the Lower Court to take evidence on his income and thereafter make an appropriate order. On ground two, the Court held that it was without merits, and thus set aside same; likewise grounds three and four.

In The High Court of Malawi, Principal Registry, Civil Division: Civil Appeal No. 111 of 2017. Between: Andrew Siliya vs. Thokozani Siliya