Diakaridia  COULIBALY v. The State and Others : Supreme Court of Mali, 2008

Date November 10, 20178:43 am

Diakaridia Coulibaly was born in 1977 and was convicted for raping a 13-year-old girl by name Farima Diakité. The Court of Appeal of Bamako sentenced him to 5 years’ imprisonment, after analyzing articles 226 of the Criminal Code; 346, 363, 631 of the Criminal Procedure Code and 725 of the Civil, Commercial and Social Procedure Code applied to the facts. Mr. Diakiradi appealed to the Supreme Court against the judgment of the Court of Appeal of Bamako, but eventually sent a correspondence in which he withdrew his appeal. Thus, the Supreme Court considered the appeal on its admissibility, but dismissed it on the merit.

Supreme Court of Mali – Judicial Section, Criminal Chamber ; Appeal No W05 of 17 March 2008 ; Judgment No W114 of 03 November 2008 ; Upon the Appeal of Diakaridia COULIBALY, Appellant, Against The State, Boubacar Diarra DIAKITE, Farima DIAKITE  and the judgments no 50 and 51 of 12 March 2008 of the Trial Chamber of the Assizes Court of Bamako, Defendant