Flora Jeke Vs The Republic: High Court of Malawi, 2008

Date November 9, 20189:42 am
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This is a case of unlawful wounding by Flora Jeke. She was charged accordingly and she pleaded guilty to the charge. The court convicted and sentenced her to 18 months’ imprisonment (IHL). Dissatisfied with the sentence, she appealed by praying the court to reduce her sentence on grounds that she was a first-time offender and had a young baby to take care of. The court maintained the conviction, but substituted to a sentence that would lead to her immediate release.

In the High Court of Malawi Lilongwe District Registry: Criminal Appeal No. 139 of 2008; From the First Grade Magistrate Court sitting at Dedza, being Criminal Case No. 166 of 2007. Between: Flora Jeke Vs The Republic