Hilliard James Cathcart Kay Vs. Norah Nikkie Cathcart Kay & Anor: High Court of Malawi, 2016

Date November 6, 20183:58 pm
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This case is about a petition for divorce filed at the High Court on grounds of adultery. The main issue of determination is the custody of their two children. The Petitioner alleged that the respondent was having an affair with the co-respondent and as such it would be unreasonable for the court to grant custody of the children to her. He prayed the court to dissolve same, grant custody to him and order the respondents to pay costs. The court held that adultery is a ground for divorce and that the petitioner had proved his case beyond the required standard of proof, and thereby granted the prayers of the petitioner through an order nisi.

In the High Court of Malawi: Principal Registry. Matrimonial Cause No 11 of 2015: between Hilliard James Cathcart Kay (Petitioner) and Norah Nikkie Cathcart Kay & Murray Henderrson (Respondents)