Iluke Mbai Ephraim (Appellant) and Mbai née Nanyongo Josephine Wose (Respondent): South West Court of Appeal, 20108

Date December 6, 20185:00 pm
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This is an appeal case against the decision of the Fako High Court by the Appellant aggrieved by the decision of the said court. The petitioner had filed for a dissolution of their marriage, which was so done and custody of the children was granted to the Respondent, with the petitioner to pay a monthly allowance as maintenance worth 150,000 FCFA for the children, and to be responsible for children’s school fees, while the children would visit and spend holiday with the petitioner, among other provisions.

In his appeal, the petitioner argued that the Learned Trial Judge erred in law in granting an order of custody for children that are all adults and ordering him to pay monthly allowance in that regard. The appeal was allowed on that ground among others.

In the South West Court of Appeal, Buea, Cameroon: Suit No. CASWP/33/2007. Between: Iluke Mbai Ephraim (Appellant) and Mbai née Nanyongo Josephine Wose (Respondent)