In the matter between: Emilia Nakanyala and Simeon Leonard Nakanyala: Namibia High Court, 2014

Date December 29, 20151:54 pm
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The parties to this case are seeking divorce and guidance on the dissemination of property and custody of their minor child. The court in the end maintained that the marriage is dissolved with custody of the minor remaining with the plaintiff subject to the defendant’s right to reasonable access to the child. The defendant must pay maintenance of the child to the plaintiff. As both parties had contributed to the properties owned, they were accordingly shared.

Republic of Namibia:High Court of Namibia Main Division, Windhoek: Judgment: Case no: I 394/2012: In the matter between: Emilia Nakanyala (born Shikongo), Plaintiff and Simeon Leonard Nakanyala, Defendant: Neutral citation: Nakanyala v Nakanyala (I 394/2012) [2014] NAHCMD 47 (14 February 2014)

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