In the matter between Erastus Tjiundikua Kahuure et al. and Minister of Regional and Local Government and Housing and Rural Development et al: Supreme Court of Namibia, 2013

Date December 29, 20152:06 pm
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“This appeal arises from protracted legal proceedings essentially concerning a deeply regrettable and polarising dispute over the succession to the chieftaincy of the Ovambanderu Traditional Community. It is a matter that has a profoundly divisive effect on the community, resulting in the emergence of two opposing factions, each backing its preferred contender to the chieftaincy.”

This case comes as who is to inherit as chief after the death of the head of the society. Part of the community acknowledge the leadership of the legitimate son while others are in support of the older, illegitimate son taking over as chief. As the legitimate son passed away, his mother sought to be nominated as Queen of the community. The appeal was rejected.

CASE NO.: SA 28/2012: In the Supreme Court of Namibia: In the matter between Erastus Tjiundikua Kahuure, 1st applicant & Aletha Karikondua Nguvauva, 2nd applicant: In re. Keharanjo II Nguvauva and Minister of Regional and Local Government and Housing and Rural Development, 1st respondent, Mbanderu Traditional Authority, 2nd respondent, and Kilus Nguvauva, 3rd respondent