In the matter between Gerson Naweseb and the State: High Court of Namibia, 2014

Date October 4, 20165:06 pm

The appellant was convicted for rape and was sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment. The appellant‘s appeal was initially against both the conviction and the sentence however, the appellant filed an amended Notice of Appeal in which he abandoned the appeal against sentence. So what was serving before the Court was his appeal against the conviction.

His grounds of appeal were that the court a quo erred in relying on the medical report; that the court a quo erred by not warning itself of the inherent dangers of the evidence of a single witness particularly when such a witness is a young child and that the court a quo erred when it considered the question whether the respondent had discharged the onus resting on it to prove that the appellant‘s guilt has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

High Court of Namibia Main Division, Windhoek, Case no: CA 35/2014: In the matter between: Gerson Naweseb, Appellant and The State, Respondent