In the matter between Isolde Venter and Ingo Ernst Venter: Namibia High Court, 2012

Date December 29, 20152:23 pm
Subject ,

The Applicant seeks interim custody of the two minor children born of her marriage, interim maintenance in the amount of N$5 000-00, per month, per child, and payment of the amount of N$12 670-00 in respect of a debt incurred by her, relating to the school fees of the minor child A.

It is noted that the parties did not make a frank and full disclosure of all their assets.

The Applicant is awarded interim custody of the two children subject to the Respondent’s rights of reasonable access being reserved to him. The Respondent is directed to pay to Applicant interim maintenance – in respect of the aforementioned minor children – in the amount of N$3 000-00, per month, per child and to make a contribution of N$9 500-00 in respect of the arrear school fees incurred in respect of A.

In the High Court of Namibia Main Division: held at Windhoek: CASE No : I 4602/2009: In the matter between: Isolde Venter, applicant and Ingo Ernst Venter, respondent: ex tempore judgment