In the matter between Metusalem Hamukwaya and Mary Hamukwaya: Namibia High Court, 2013

Date December 29, 20152:03 pm
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The parties in this case are spouses on the maintenance of a minor. The Court took into account that the burden of supporting the minor child is common to both spouses and must be borne by them in proportion to their means. It also took into account the income of each spouse, the fact that the plaintiff agreed that the immovable property of the joint estate be awarded to defendant as her sole and exclusive property and the plaintiff agreed to be responsible for 100 per cent of the scholastic expenses of the minor child. Upon these factors court ordered plaintiff to pay maintenance.

Republic of Namibia: High Court of Namibia, Main Division, Windhoek: Case no: I 3241/2012: In the matter between Metusalem Hamukwaya, Plaintiff and Mary Hamukwaya (born Ngolowa), Defendant: Neutral citation: Hamukwaya v Hamukwaya (I 3241/2012) [2013] NAHCMD 201 (18 July 2013)