In the matter between Mulife Sikalumbu Siyambango and Ndapewoshali Katsilendje Siyambango: Namibia High Court, 2013

Date December 29, 20152:00 pm
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The parties were once married and now agree that both want a divorce and that their estate is to be divided. However, it is contended that both have filed claims on malicious grounds. It was held that the plaintiff has failed to discharge the onus resting on him and his claim is accordingly dismissed. Both parties make concession with the effect that the custody and control of their three minor children is awarded to the defendant, subject to the plaintiff’s right of reasonable access.

Republic of Namibia: High Court of Namibia, Main Division, Windhoek: Case No I 965/2012: In the matter between Mulife Sikalumbu Siyambango, Plaintiff and Ndapewoshali Katsilendje Siyambango (born Kambonde), Defendant: Neutral citation: Siyambango v Siyambango (I 965/2012) [2013] NAHCMD 304 (09 October 2013)