In the matter of D N W and Dr P M W: High Court of Kenya: 2004

Date December 29, 20152:55 pm
Subject ,

The Applicant is a 22 year old medical student wishing to engage her father, the respondent, in paying whole or part of her tuition.

The applicants parents separated in 1995, and custody of the children of the marriage including the applicant was given to the mother.

The Respondent is a lecturer at the said university and is entitled to student support which is up to 50% of his child’s tuition. The respondent however, refuses to approve the documents.

“Legal obligation by the respondent ceased when the applicant turned 18 years and in any case parental responsibility cannot be extended to include Higher Education.” However it is found that the refusal by the respondent to extend this facility to the applicant unreasonable. The applicant should be granted leave to file an application for an order of maintenance against the respondent.

Republic of Kenya: In the High Court of Kenya in Nairobi: Civil Case 30 of 2003: In the matter of the Children Act No. 8 of 2001: and in the matter of D N W, applicant and Dr P M W, respondent:D N W v P M W [2004] eKLR