In the matter of The State and Johnson Matundu et al: Namibia High Court, 2013

Date December 29, 20152:02 pm
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The respondents are charged of gang raping a girl in their school. Upon extensive consideration of the evidence and testimonies given which showed that the respondents had forcefully had sexual intercourse with the girl in the toilet and boys’ hostel, all the respondents were found guilty beyond reasonable doubt and thus convicted.

Republic of Namibia: High Court of Namibia, Main Division Windhoek: Judgment: Case NO.: CC 46/2009: In the matter between: The State and Johnson Matundu, 1st accused, Uazenga Tjamuaha, 2nd accused, Kahijambua Kamuingona, 3rd accused & Utjatae Mureti, 4th accused: Neutral citation: State v Matundu (CC46/2009) [2013] NAHCMD 241 (15 August 2013)